CAN I FILM Is Casting For Dark Comedy!

Yep, you read it here first. CAN I FILM Productions is currently casting for a dark comedy “Clean Freak!” We are looking for three talented individuals to help bring this project to life! Admissions are being accepted immediately so please fill out the form on our contact page. Thank you all for your time and hope to hear from many of you soon!
J.C. Watkins & Candace Johnson



Production Title: Clean Freak

Union : Non Union

Production Location: Chicago

Production Company: CAN I FILM Productions 

Director: Candace Johnson

Producer: J.C. Watkins

Director Of Photography: Ed Wilson

Compensation: TBA/None

A short dark comedy about a girl who wants her mother to accept her new boyfriend while trying to hide his obvious flaws that could dismantle her mom’s sanity. 

Angela: Open Ethnicity (18-30)
Mother: Open Ethnicity (35-50)
Dunstin : Open Ethnicity (18-30)


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