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CAN I FILM is an Independent Production company founded by Candace Johnson and J.C. Watkins. In a society where African-American film makers are consistently striving to earn their spots in Hollywood, we are shadowed by the traditional class of film makers and their lack of understanding our soulful artistry. CAN I FILM? Of course we can! We created CAN I FILM to produce great visual storytelling. Throughout our journey, we were introduced to some trying and humbled obstacles to get where we are today. We made mistakes and learned from it all as a team to become better. We have nothing to prove, but to create great films in our own image and for our audience. Check out our homepage for information about our upcoming projects along with selective third parties as well, including UEV: Urban Elite Visuals (a commercial partner) production interviews and much more. Also, you can connect with us on our Youtube Channel, our Facebook page and by becoming Patron on Patreon. CANIFILMTV – CAN I FILM Founders

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CANIFILM Productions

Founded By:
Candace Johnson and J.C. Watkins
Chicago, IL – 2014, 2020

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