Mehcad Brooks In New Supergirl Series!


The first time I got a chance to see Brooks in action was in True Blood as Eggs, Tara’s love interest. By the end of the season he was killed off, but it was either him or Lafayette… Long live eggs. Although his lasting time in series have been short over the years, this guy hasn’t performed in anything small. Brooks has played in shows such as Desperate Housewives, Ghost Whisperer, The Game, and Necessary Roughness, a show Mehcad had wrapped up in 2013 after a strong two year run. What’s next for the Black Hollywood star? A lead recurring role in the new Supergirl series on CBS along side the star of the show and Glee alumni Melissa Benoist who I expect are possible love interests. If you haven’t watched the new trailer, please take a look below. If you’re not convinced this show may be better than most heroic shows, then you’re probably right. Not!

Supergirl premieres this Fall on CBS.

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