Manics is an anthological limited web series created by J.C. Watkins and Candace Johnson. (UPDATED: 02/11/23) Story by: Shontel Pickens 12/23/22 The two co-founders of Can I Film Productions (CIFP) continue to make films and are currently engaged in a number of different endeavors. Each of them continued to develop their unreleased projects while honingContinue reading “CAN I FILM IS BACK WITH PSYCHOLOGICAL-THRILLER!”

 Looking for Film Crew (Upon Request)

Good Day Film-Makers! ***UPDATE*** I am a Co-founder of CANIFILM Productions and looking for a crew to assist us on set. We are building our portfolio to request funds to pay for future involvement in our projects but with the lack of hands during filming, this issues consistently hold us back from our full potential.Continue reading ” Looking for Film Crew (Upon Request)”

The Girl Is Gone: Part 4 of Love Me Reveals How It All Began!

Brooke returned and since have been mistreated by her brother Malik and boyfriend, Darius. Malik has made up with Brooke over a talk about her argument with Darius and apologizing for everything that happened when she left. Though her and Malik are back to normal, her relationship is still fractured from her sudden disappearance. In theContinue reading “The Girl Is Gone: Part 4 of Love Me Reveals How It All Began!”

Power-Balling! Two Great Shows End and Begin Our Summer!

After a season of great shows, leaving us wondering what they’ll have in store when they return this fall, Power and the new hit show, Ballers, are keeping us together till that time comes. Power, is a series about a rekindled love story filled with lies and how it will be the downfall of anContinue reading “Power-Balling! Two Great Shows End and Begin Our Summer!”

We’re Sorry For The Wait Too!

Greetings, viewers and followers! We will like to take the time to apologize for the long and unexpected break due to production issues that are almost ironed out. We’ve all been hard at getting the ‘Love Me’ project complete, so YOU, our wonderful audience, can enjoy the complete story very soon. Sorry 4 The WaitContinue reading “We’re Sorry For The Wait Too!”

Mehcad Brooks In New Supergirl Series!

The first time I got a chance to see Brooks in action was in True Blood as Eggs, Tara’s love interest. By the end of the season he was killed off, but it was either him or Lafayette… Long live eggs. Although his lasting time in series have been short over the years, this guyContinue reading “Mehcad Brooks In New Supergirl Series!”

For Crying Out Normalcy! Love Me: Part 3 Streams Tonight!

Love Me: Part 2 left many of you with unanswered questions, but soon everything will be revealed. In Part 3, Brooke becomes fed up being ignored by Darius and Malik who are taken back by her sudden return. The short series was created by Candace Johnson and J.C. Watkins (The creators of CANIFILM and CANIFILMtv), starringContinue reading “For Crying Out Normalcy! Love Me: Part 3 Streams Tonight!”

The Help Has Just Begun!

Viola Davis graced us with her presence in wonderful projects such as Traffic, Doubt, and The Help winning Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture by NAACP. Today, Davis and HBO are collaborating on a movie on the biography Bound for the Promised Land: Harriet Tubman, by Kate Clifford Larson. We are excited to see howContinue reading “The Help Has Just Begun!”

Welcome to CANIFILM!

CANIFILM is an Independent Production company that was founded by Candace Johnson and J.C. Watkins in Chicago. In a society where African-American film makers are still trying to earn their spots in Hollywood, we all are shadowed by the traditional class of film makers because of lack of understanding and communication. CANIFILM? Of course we can!Continue reading “Welcome to CANIFILM!”