Looking for Film Crew (Upon Request)


Good Day Film-Makers!

I am a Co-founder of CANIFILM Productions and looking for a crew to assist us on set. We are building our portfolio to request funds to pay for future involvement in our projects but with the lack of hands during filming, this issues consistently hold us back from our full potential. Back in July we, my film partner and I, finished our first ever project and mini web show by ourselves. We had a wonderful experience working throughout the process along with the difficulties that came our way. But this time, we cannot take on our next projects with just the two of us, and that is where you come in. We’re looking for SEVEN people (Lighting, Sound, Director, Cinematographer, Production Assistant, and Stylists – Make-up/Hair design) who need to fill their portfolios and/or join our call-list for future project announcements, and we have many projects we will like to enter into festivals in addition to pitch to networks and higher productions. If interested, feel free to email us so we can schedule a meeting to go over further details and instructions. We are looking forward to the everyone’s response and wish you all the best on your future endeavors!


J.C. Watkins & Candace Johnson

3 thoughts on “ Looking for Film Crew (Upon Request)

  1. Hello Mr Watkins, my name is Jason Head. I’m a director in the Chicago area. I would like to speak to you more about your open positions. Feel free to email me at jason@clc.tv or by phone at (708) 315-5939. Thanks.


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