The Girl Is Gone: Part 4 of Love Me Reveals How It All Began!


Brooke returned and since have been mistreated by her brother Malik and boyfriend, Darius. Malik has made up with Brooke over a talk about her argument with Darius and apologizing for everything that happened when she left. Though her and Malik are back to normal, her relationship is still fractured from her sudden disappearance. In the fourth part of Love Me, we take a trip back three weeks before, when Brooke makes an unfortunate decision after her mom’s funeral. I won’t spoil the rest but this part of the story express how the problem began and how it drove the men in her life mad. Love Me Part 4 is now available, CANIFILMTV on Youtube. Please subscribe and leave feedback. We appreciate everyone for the support and tuning in!

Thank You!
Love Me Web series on CANIFILMTV

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