Power-Balling! Two Great Shows End and Begin Our Summer!


After a season of great shows, leaving us wondering what they’ll have in store when they return this fall, Power and the new hit show, Ballers, are keeping us together till that time comes.

Power, is a series about a rekindled love story filled with lies and how it will be the downfall of an illegal organization. Ghost who is played by Omari Hardwick, falls in love with his high school sweet heart, Angela played by Lela Loren, who decided to leave him in order to pursue her career as a… Not gonna spoil that one. Ghost, rarely known as, James has a wife and two kids which startles the viewers look on the person he really is when you think about his choices as a husband and father. His best friend, Tommy, is played by Joe Sikora whose from Chicago (My hometown) and steal the show most of the time for his temper and hilarious moments, like when he bought a dog for his girlfriend to make up for his constant absence (Tommy: “I bought a b*tch for my b*tch. Holly: That’s not funny…). The show’s cast is quite exceptional with known celebrities such as Naturi Naughton, from the late 90s music group 3LW, who has done a great job with her recurring role as Ghost’s wife. Curtis Jackson, heavily known as 50 Cent, produced the show and is also a series regular. If you don’t have Starz and looking for an urban thriller and drama till shows like Scandal or How to Get Away With Murder returns, Power is the show for you.

HBO brought and continues to hit us with some of the best shows on television. I could go into many well-known titles however I won’t, but this comedy-drama has become a favorite show of ours in less than a month. The Rock, also known as, Dwayne stars as the show’s main character Spencer who plays a financial advisors that’s trying to use his network to finance football team members for a company he works for. Rock’s role is trying to help young football stars manage their money accordingly instead of splurging the lot of on unnecessary merchandise. There are other characters that encircle this odd journey, John D. Washington, son of Denzel Washington, was a football player for Morehouse College and according to IMDB, Ballers is his first acting debut. His character, Ricky, is a pro-athlete who had just been dropped from his team for PDV (Public Display of Violence) and is close friends with the Rock’s character. Omar Miller and Latoya Luckett also make recurring appearance in this urban Entourage story produced by the Rock and Mark Wahlberg which airs tonight at 9:30pm. The show resembles The Game on BET, however Ballers stands on it’s own and we hope you check it out.

Urban entertainment can rise in a great way once studios find the right talent to create compelling urban stories. We are not blind to see that the people in America are ready to delve into diverse entertainment. I’m proud of the film industry which made a turn around from it’s beginning stages to work with filmmakers of all races and backgrounds. We are looking forward to being another set of diverse individuals to showcase our talent on the flatscreen soon. Till then enjoy these two great shows!


IMAGE SOURCE: [Omari Harkwick] [Dewayne “The Rock Johnson]

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