MANICS Part One (2 of 4)

Manics is an anthological limited web series created by J.C. Watkins and Candace Johnson.

(UPDATED: 02/11/23) Story by: Shontel Pickens 12/23/22

The two co-founders of Can I Film Productions (CIFP) continue to make films and are currently engaged in a number of different endeavors. Each of them continued to develop their unreleased projects while honing their skills after the completion of their debut limited web series, Love Me. A began as a short film in 2016 on the page, but soon the concept grew. “We tried to compose something that would capture readers’ eyes and attention at the time. Although that was the intention, our primary focus was on the plot and characters. What can I say, we try to make our stories feel immersive and real,” J.C.

MANICS Part One (1 of 4)

The series is divided into 4 volumes, each of which has 3 parts making that a total of 12 episodes. Each installment will be unique from the previous one, examining various locations, characters, and intense scenarios. Considering the reactions from selective screenings of the unofficial cut of Part One, people were eager to see more. “Folks would call, message or greet me and ask, “Well, where’s episode 2?” says J.C. “We’re working on it. In all honesty, funding is everything at the moment. We are searching for ways to obtain sponsors, investors, grants, and crowdfunding. Simply know that we are working on it.” The potential duration for each part will be between 11 and 25 minutes. In order to secure funding for the remaining two parts of Volume One, the publication window for the series will be Q3 2023 or Q3 2024.

CIFP have been working hard to find funds to produce their unreleased projects. Maniacs is only a fraction of what this team has to offer. Their crowdfunding pitch deck is about finished but was told they have to add the breakdown of production cost. “It’s a lot. We encourage everyone to be open about what they need and how funds will be utilized to finish their projects. And if there are ways to find a financial gain with your projects, please make that known to investors. They love gains,” added Candace. 

MANICS Part One (4 of 4)

J.C. Watkins and Candace Johnson push to present their works, wearing their value proudly in the independent cinema industry. It’s inspiring to witness two black creatives working hard to realize and executing their ambitious goals. We are confident that these two will succeed and secure their place as legendary filmmakers.

Screenshots from the CIFP Crowdfunding Pitch Deck are shown below.


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