MANICS Part One (2 of 4)

Manics is an anthological limited web series created by J.C. Watkins and Candace Johnson.

(UPDATED: 02/11/23) Story by: Shontel Pickens 12/23/22

The two co-founders of Can I Film Productions (CIFP) continue to make films and are currently engaged in a number of different endeavors. Each of them continued to develop their unreleased projects while honing their skills after the completion of their debut limited web series, Love Me. A began as a short film in 2016 on the page, but soon the concept grew. “We tried to compose something that would capture readers’ eyes and attention at the time. Although that was the intention, our primary focus was on the plot and characters. What can I say, we try to make our stories feel immersive and real,” J.C.

MANICS Part One (1 of 4)

The series is divided into 4 volumes, each of which has 3 parts making that a total of 12 episodes. Each installment will be unique from the previous one, examining various locations, characters, and intense scenarios. Considering the reactions from selective screenings of the unofficial cut of Part One, people were eager to see more. “Folks would call, message or greet me and ask, “Well, where’s episode 2?” says J.C. “We’re working on it. In all honesty, funding is everything at the moment. We are searching for ways to obtain sponsors, investors, grants, and crowdfunding. Simply know that we are working on it.” The potential duration for each part will be between 11 and 25 minutes. In order to secure funding for the remaining two parts of Volume One, the publication window for the series will be Q3 2023 or Q3 2024.

CIFP have been working hard to find funds to produce their unreleased projects. Maniacs is only a fraction of what this team has to offer. Their crowdfunding pitch deck is about finished but was told they have to add the breakdown of production cost. “It’s a lot. We encourage everyone to be open about what they need and how funds will be utilized to finish their projects. And if there are ways to find a financial gain with your projects, please make that known to investors. They love gains,” added Candace. 

MANICS Part One (4 of 4)

J.C. Watkins and Candace Johnson push to present their works, wearing their value proudly in the independent cinema industry. It’s inspiring to witness two black creatives working hard to realize and executing their ambitious goals. We are confident that these two will succeed and secure their place as legendary filmmakers.

Screenshots from the CIFP Crowdfunding Pitch Deck are shown below.

 Looking for Film Crew (Upon Request)


Good Day Film-Makers!

I am a Co-founder of CANIFILM Productions and looking for a crew to assist us on set. We are building our portfolio to request funds to pay for future involvement in our projects but with the lack of hands during filming, this issues consistently hold us back from our full potential. Back in July we, my film partner and I, finished our first ever project and mini web show by ourselves. We had a wonderful experience working throughout the process along with the difficulties that came our way. But this time, we cannot take on our next projects with just the two of us, and that is where you come in. We’re looking for SEVEN people (Lighting, Sound, Director, Cinematographer, Production Assistant, and Stylists – Make-up/Hair design) who need to fill their portfolios and/or join our call-list for future project announcements, and we have many projects we will like to enter into festivals in addition to pitch to networks and higher productions. If interested, feel free to email us so we can schedule a meeting to go over further details and instructions. We are looking forward to the everyone’s response and wish you all the best on your future endeavors!


J.C. Watkins & Candace Johnson

The Girl Is Gone: Part 4 of Love Me Reveals How It All Began!


Brooke returned and since have been mistreated by her brother Malik and boyfriend, Darius. Malik has made up with Brooke over a talk about her argument with Darius and apologizing for everything that happened when she left. Though her and Malik are back to normal, her relationship is still fractured from her sudden disappearance. In the fourth part of Love Me, we take a trip back three weeks before, when Brooke makes an unfortunate decision after her mom’s funeral. I won’t spoil the rest but this part of the story express how the problem began and how it drove the men in her life mad. Love Me Part 4 is now available, CANIFILMTV on Youtube. Please subscribe and leave feedback. We appreciate everyone for the support and tuning in!

Thank You!
Love Me Web series on CANIFILMTV

Power-Balling! Two Great Shows End and Begin Our Summer!


After a season of great shows, leaving us wondering what they’ll have in store when they return this fall, Power and the new hit show, Ballers, are keeping us together till that time comes.

Power, is a series about a rekindled love story filled with lies and how it will be the downfall of an illegal organization. Ghost who is played by Omari Hardwick, falls in love with his high school sweet heart, Angela played by Lela Loren, who decided to leave him in order to pursue her career as a… Not gonna spoil that one. Ghost, rarely known as, James has a wife and two kids which startles the viewers look on the person he really is when you think about his choices as a husband and father. His best friend, Tommy, is played by Joe Sikora whose from Chicago (My hometown) and steal the show most of the time for his temper and hilarious moments, like when he bought a dog for his girlfriend to make up for his constant absence (Tommy: “I bought a b*tch for my b*tch. Holly: That’s not funny…). The show’s cast is quite exceptional with known celebrities such as Naturi Naughton, from the late 90s music group 3LW, who has done a great job with her recurring role as Ghost’s wife. Curtis Jackson, heavily known as 50 Cent, produced the show and is also a series regular. If you don’t have Starz and looking for an urban thriller and drama till shows like Scandal or How to Get Away With Murder returns, Power is the show for you.

HBO brought and continues to hit us with some of the best shows on television. I could go into many well-known titles however I won’t, but this comedy-drama has become a favorite show of ours in less than a month. The Rock, also known as, Dwayne stars as the show’s main character Spencer who plays a financial advisors that’s trying to use his network to finance football team members for a company he works for. Rock’s role is trying to help young football stars manage their money accordingly instead of splurging the lot of on unnecessary merchandise. There are other characters that encircle this odd journey, John D. Washington, son of Denzel Washington, was a football player for Morehouse College and according to IMDB, Ballers is his first acting debut. His character, Ricky, is a pro-athlete who had just been dropped from his team for PDV (Public Display of Violence) and is close friends with the Rock’s character. Omar Miller and Latoya Luckett also make recurring appearance in this urban Entourage story produced by the Rock and Mark Wahlberg which airs tonight at 9:30pm. The show resembles The Game on BET, however Ballers stands on it’s own and we hope you check it out.

Urban entertainment can rise in a great way once studios find the right talent to create compelling urban stories. We are not blind to see that the people in America are ready to delve into diverse entertainment. I’m proud of the film industry which made a turn around from it’s beginning stages to work with filmmakers of all races and backgrounds. We are looking forward to being another set of diverse individuals to showcase our talent on the flatscreen soon. Till then enjoy these two great shows!


IMAGE SOURCE: [Omari Harkwick] [Dewayne “The Rock Johnson]

We’re Sorry For The Wait Too!


Greetings, viewers and followers! We will like to take the time to apologize for the long and unexpected break due to production issues that are almost ironed out. We’ve all been hard at getting the ‘Love Me’ project complete, so YOU, our wonderful audience, can enjoy the complete story very soon. Sorry 4 The Wait and with this apology, comes something we put together so you all can get to know the cast before we wrap up. So after much kissing up, Meet Megan who plays Brooke on ‘Love Me.’


Mehcad Brooks In New Supergirl Series!


The first time I got a chance to see Brooks in action was in True Blood as Eggs, Tara’s love interest. By the end of the season he was killed off, but it was either him or Lafayette… Long live eggs. Although his lasting time in series have been short over the years, this guy hasn’t performed in anything small. Brooks has played in shows such as Desperate Housewives, Ghost Whisperer, The Game, and Necessary Roughness, a show Mehcad had wrapped up in 2013 after a strong two year run. What’s next for the Black Hollywood star? A lead recurring role in the new Supergirl series on CBS along side the star of the show and Glee alumni Melissa Benoist who I expect are possible love interests. If you haven’t watched the new trailer, please take a look below. If you’re not convinced this show may be better than most heroic shows, then you’re probably right. Not!

Supergirl premieres this Fall on CBS.

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Image Sources: [Collider]

Empire Return this Fall!


Glee was a good show up until it’s third season and when I felt the story became vapid, I yearned for a black musical. When I first saw previews of Empire last year as Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder went on break, I wondered how good the show would be. The time came when I realized it was a musical series, similar to FOX’s recent ending show Glee, but instead of performing Billboard hits, FOX and Lee Daniels reached out to Timbaland, a well-knowned music producer in the industry, to create official music for the show. With names such as Terrence Howard, Taraji Henson, and Malik Yoba reeled most of us in for the pilot. In addition, we were also introduced to newer faces in what I like to call the Light of Black Hollywood such as Bryshere Gray, acting in a series for the first time, Trai Byers who was in 90210 on the CW and the recent highly acclaimed film Selma directed by Ava DuVernay. Lastly is Jussie Smollett whose sister many of us know, Jurnee Smollett, performed in The Skinny, the hit series Revenge and The Mindy Project.

After a season of electrifying story telling, the Lyons and Cookie will be returning this fall with a full season run containing 18 episodes. 18 episodes of Cookie is all most of us want anyway. We wish the actors and crew the best on their production and will be tuning in for season 2. For more info on Empire please visit  FOX  and our website to keep you updated.


For Crying Out Normalcy! Love Me: Part 3 Streams Tonight!


Love Me: Part 2 left many of you with unanswered questions, but soon everything will be revealed. In Part 3, Brooke becomes fed up being ignored by Darius and Malik who are taken back by her sudden return. The short series was created by Candace Johnson and J.C. Watkins (The creators of CANIFILM and CANIFILMtv), starring Megan Beverly, Matthew Fayson, and Djvon Simpson. Feel free to subscribe to our youtube channel to watch this new urban drama.

Love Me Wednesday Nights @ 7c/8e on CANIFILMtv  

The Help Has Just Begun!


Viola Davis graced us with her presence in wonderful projects such as Traffic, Doubt, and The Help winning Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture by NAACP. Today, Davis and HBO are collaborating on a movie on the biography Bound for the Promised Land: Harriet Tubman, by Kate Clifford Larson.

We are excited to see how this film turns out alongside similar projects such as the miniseries Freedom Run produced by Stevie Wonder for NBC.

SOURCE: [HuffPost Black Voices] , [Shadow and Act]
IMAGE SOURCE: Viola Harriet Tubman

Welcome to CANIFILM!

Love Me

CANIFILM is an Independent Production company that was founded by Candace Johnson and J.C. Watkins in Chicago. In a society where African-American film makers are still trying to earn their spots in Hollywood, we all are shadowed by the traditional class of film makers because of lack of understanding and communication. CANIFILM? Of course we can! We created CANIFILM to produce great urban visual storytelling. Throughout our journey, we were introduced to some upsetting and humbled obstacles. Plenty mistakes were made along the way, which we only learned from to become better. We have nothing to prove, but to create great films in our own image.

We are glad that you’ve visited our website and hope you will take the time to look around. Our home page will have constant posts about our upcoming projects along with selective third parties as well, urban entertainment, interviews and much more. CANIFILM will promote local & over the web content distinctively.

Please tune in Wednesdays at 7c/8e for our first Short Web Series Love Me.

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